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Thursday, May 19, 2011

.....what a coincidence..:D .......

is it coincidence that things can happen to two individual people?
that happened to me and my gf yesterday..
i did not know how but yesterday, we had trouble with our phones..
both of our phones just went blank that day..even though it did not happened simultaneously but still, the fact that it happened in the same day was kinda bizarre and quite funny also..
and today, i had to fix my old phone and sent my sony ericson to the shop for repair..
kinda frustrating coz it is the second time i have trouble with the found..
im thinking of sell it and buy another phone but i dont have the money..yet..:D

well, i just hope that tomorrow will be a better than today..:)
and right now,im still trying to find a suitable planning to job hunt tomorrow..if its not raining..
plus im now learning to design wedding cards..hehe..


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some where cold..

been here since 4pm..
its fricking cold but i still can stand it..
thinking of having a chill out home here since the air is very refreshing, cheap food and calm..
and its good to emmy as well..
plus it could be my runaway crib from the heat in KL..
im going back tomorrow but would love to come back here..
especially with emmy..:D

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Write What I Like :D

hye,its been a while..i dont blame myself for not writing cz im not a writer myself..
and im too fricking lazy to write even in i do write sometimes when i feel i need to..
well, im not into reading blogs and i obviously i think it is more knowledgeable reading newspapers than reading blogs cz some blogs were full of craps..
anyway, the reason i write is not to express my emotions bt to have fun writing..
i always write what is fun to me..and i hope it can be fun to everyone who read my blog..
since im on 4 months lay off, i probably will be posting something..hehe..but currently im hunting for a job..and hope i could get one soon..(dying here doing im broke...haha)
this is my first intro of this month..hopefully, cross fingers, i will write again soon..:D

btw,i love green ranger..haha :p

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


not this type of skool..hehe

People do say that old school is junk..well,i dont think so..i actually still take care of my old stuff because they have a sentimental values attached to it..yea, can say im very nerd but i really think that way..i even keep my old futsal shoe and my old phones..its the value that i cherish most..

nokia e-series 
i think this is the first of e-series late dad gave it to me..been using this phone when i was in my diploma (time sengal2 dulu)..barely fit fit into my pocket and heavy if i bring it along with me..haha..once fell into my sis turtle aquarium (busuk siot!)..and my dad jemur kt tepi tv..he just laughed when i told him about it..haha.. 

 ngage ori
this is the phone that i really wanted since i was doing my diploma..back then, the phone was like psp and people keep playing games on it..its really cool phone.i even asked my mom (borrowed actually) some money to buy this phone bat sadly i only had the phone when im back of the most wanted phone in my list..haha..

my dad's phone..its too precious to be sold to anyone..

nokia xpress music
my sis just gave this to me because he had a new iphone..been with someone special for quiet some time and it kinda remind me of the good memories..:)


I cannot deny that futsal is an interesting game to play..that is why i played almost 3 times a week with my friends. I would play anywhere, far or near, you named it, i'll be there on time..but the best time i had was when i played with my ex school mates..i dont know somehow i felt really happy playing with them..maybe because it brings back the good memories i had during my school days, which for your information, i only had a me, the good thing about playing futsal or any other sports is the feeling when you play with smile..somehow it makes the game much more fun to play..i had so much fun and laugh like i never laugh before with them..and it actually improve my game..

i cannot wait to play futsal with them again..maybe it can bring back something good in the past which i really miss so much..:)

Sunday, December 19, 2010



Another movie by Disney's creative film works. Obviously, any movies created by Disney never disappoints me as Tron is an amazing movie. I got to give credits the the animation team because they really did a great and flawless job. The Grid seems like a real and busy metropolis and full with people wearing hot costume (i got to have one of those..haha..) and girls there are immagitively, realistically HOT! :)  For those who doesnt know about Tron and its history, might feel a bit lost at first but luckily the storyline isn't that complicated. The casts are great. Jeff Bridges still plays his old role as Kevin Flynn, the creator of the Grid, and the CLu, the evil clone of Kevin (both played by Jeff himself with the help of marvelous piece of CGI work)

The introduction of Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, and the energetic yet curious Quorra played by the lovely Olivia Wilde, making the movie more enjoyable as both played their roles well. even though the movie and the cast are great, the ending is a bit too predictable as i expected it to be more dramatic rather than lame happy one..i expect there will be another Tron movie in a few years time ( i hope )..  To conclude, i give Tron a 4 out of 5..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Songs from the Past (Part Two)

secondhand serenade - a twist in my story

the song transported me to the time when i was in Miri with my friends..with apis,ejul and rul..we hangout round Miri at night and just enjoying the night life at the city..i got to know apis' family and his friends..slept a couple of days at his house and met with the infamous noe who apis once had a crush with..sometimes the song transported me back to the time when i was with my friends at esplanade beach in Miri..we walked along the beach and just enjoying the evening wind and sunset..i miss these two moments as well...