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Thursday, May 19, 2011

.....what a coincidence..:D .......

is it coincidence that things can happen to two individual people?
that happened to me and my gf yesterday..
i did not know how but yesterday, we had trouble with our phones..
both of our phones just went blank that day..even though it did not happened simultaneously but still, the fact that it happened in the same day was kinda bizarre and quite funny also..
and today, i had to fix my old phone and sent my sony ericson to the shop for repair..
kinda frustrating coz it is the second time i have trouble with the found..
im thinking of sell it and buy another phone but i dont have the money..yet..:D

well, i just hope that tomorrow will be a better than today..:)
and right now,im still trying to find a suitable planning to job hunt tomorrow..if its not raining..
plus im now learning to design wedding cards..hehe..


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